• Welcome to PAMC Singapore

    Where we learn the Dhamma as taught by the Buddha,

    practise Samatha & Vipassanā meditation & give service together.

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    Learn Dhamma

    Our resident teacher & visiting teachers frequently give Dhamma talks or Pāli courses. We are happy to share the Dhamma over the eDhamma page.


    Some of the talks are available for download as Audio Dhamma or they can be viewd at our Vimeo site.


    The Centre stocks Dhamma books for free distribution. Do bring those that you need home. You may download them from here too:

    The Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw

    Ekacco Bhikkhu

    Ven U Moneyya

    Ven U Revata

    Ven U Mahinda

    PAMC Chanting Book

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    Daily meditation sessions are from 9am to 10:30am, 2pm to 5:30pm & 7:30pm to 9pm, unless otherwise stated in the calendar.


    You may visit the Centre to learn meditation from our resident teacher. The good time to see the teacher is during the food offering time.



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    Daily offering of food to the monks begin at:

    • Breakfast: 7:00am
    • Lunch: 11:30am

    Unless otherwise stated in calendar.


    From events to daily needs, our volunteers support the propagation of Dhamma.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Commonly asked questions about the centre.

    Do I have to pay for anything?

    Books at our centre are for free distribution. Meditation sessions and Dhamma talks are free entry. Meditation retreats outside of the centre may need some transportation costs, but also free for your participation. Do donate to support these initiatives at your own ability.

    What is the meditation centre like?

    We are situated at a semi-detached house, where the top floor is the living quarters of the resident teacher and other monks. The bottom floor consists of the meditation hall, office and kitchen. Our address is 15 Teo Kim Eng Road, in between Eunos and Kembangan MRT.

    What should I do when I've reached the centre?

    We open from 6am to 9pm daily. Feel free to come into the centre! It should be a place of peace for all of us. At the front of the house, there's the office and library. Approach the office for any assistance & do take any books that you may need; it is for free distribution.


    If meditation is not in session, feel free to enter the meditation hall from the main door. If meditation is in session, you may take a path to the left & back of the house & enter the meditation hall from the kitchen. To meet the monks or resident teachers, kindly approach the staff or attendants in the centre to seek permission, as they lead a life of practice & need more solitude than laypeople.

  • Centre Calendar

    Click below to see which Venerables are in residence.

    Click here for information about meal Dāna (offering) at the Centre:

    Breakfast Dāna: 7.00 am

    Lunch Dāna: 11.30 am


  • Give Service

    If you are able to help the Centre by volunteering your service, please leave us a message.

    15 Teo Kim Eng Road
    Opening Hours:
    6.30am to 9pm