Pa-Auk Meditation Centre (Singapore)

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Pa-Auk Meditation Centre (Singapore)

2015年11月 - 玛欣德尊者佛法讲座

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2015年11月 - 玛欣德尊者佛法讲座


1. 佛陀象征物

日期 时间
11月 22日(星期日) 下午 3时
11月 29日(星期日) 下午 2时


地点: 15 Teo Kim Eng Road Singapore 416385


2. 敞开心屏 都市心理健康讲座

- 参与主讲嘉宾:杨新发医生 (资深私人心理医生

日期 时间
11月 28日(星期六)

下午 2时

讲座简介:忧郁症、焦虑症以及恐慌症都是都市上班族常见的心理疾病。有些患者甚至得面对睡眠失调,暴食厌食,丧失生活导向,依赖酒精,等等困扰。 我们应该如何判断周遭的亲友是否患上这些心理问题?我们又应该如何预防自己患上这些病症呢?

为了让国人对这些心理健康问题有更多的认识和了解,新加坡帕奥禅修中心有幸邀请到行医超过40年的新加坡资深私人心理医生杨新发医生, 为我们剖析这些疾病的成因、主要症状表现以及如何预防与正确治疗这些棘手的心理健康问题。


地点: 15 Teo Kim Eng Road Singapore 416385


** 如您还未成为本中心的会员,请查阅“会员”网页。

Dhamma Talks by Ven U Mahinda in November 2015

(in Chinese)

We will be welcoming Ven U Mahinda's arrival to Singapore on 20 Nov 2015 (Friday) at Changi Airport T2, via MI515 estimated arrival 6:50pm. Bhante will conduct a few Dhamma Talks at the Centre as follows:

1. Objects Symbolising the Buddha

Date Time
22 Nov (Sunday) 3.00pm
29 Nov (Sunday) 2.00pm

Synopsis: In the time of the Buddha, his disciples have the good fortune of meeting and speaking to him in person. These acts cultivated immense faith, joy and purity in their minds. In the first 500 years after the Buddha’s Parinibbāna, there were no medium that bore his image. How do his disciples continue to express gratitude, respect and veneration towards the Buddha after his Parinibānna?

In his forthcoming talks, Bhante U Mahinda shall systematically expound on this subject, using his personal collection of photographs taken during his pilgrimages to the various holy sites in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Venue: 15 Teo Kim Eng Road Singapore 416385

All are welcome.


2. Freeing a Troubled Mind – Psychological Wellness in a Hectic City Life

- with Dr Yeo Seem Huat (Well Known Psychiatrist in Private Practice


Date Time
28 Nov (Saturday) 2.00pm
Synopsis: Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are common psychological disorders that plaque city-dwellers. Patients may suffer from problems with sleep, appetite, loss of control and even a dependence on alcohol and intoxicants.  How do we recognise symptoms of these psychological illnesses? Are there effective means of prevention?

Singapore Pa-Auk Meditation Centre (PAMC) invites a well known Psychiatrist in private practice with over 40 years experience in the field, Dr Yeo Seem Huat, to share with us the aetiologies, symptom presentation, prevention and treatment of these common ailments.

Can Buddhist wisdom dating back 2600 years ago explain the complex psychological issues faced by modern man? Can Buddhist spiritual practices, which centre on mental purification and the cultivation of a wholesome mind, prevent or relieve these psychiatric disorders? We are blessed to have Bhante U Mahinda, meditation teacher of Pa-Auk Forest Monastery (Myanmar) & Resident Meditation Teacher of Dhammavihāri Forest Monastery in Xishuangbanna of China, expound on the benefits of spiritual practice and its impact on psychological well-being.

All are welcome.

** If you are not a PAMC's member, please visit our "Membership" page for more information.



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About Us

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Pa-Auk Meditation Centre ('PAMC'), established as a direct lineage of the Pa-Auk Forest Monastery ( 'Pa-Auk'), Mawlamyine, Myanmar, received the strong endorsement and support of The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw Bhaddanta Ᾱciṇṇa (the 'Sayadaw'), the Abbot of Pa-Auk.  PAMC is dedicated to the Sangha of Pa-Auk ('the Sangha') as led by the Sayadaw, and draws its spiritual direction from the Sayadaw.

PAMC was registered in Singapore on 20 August 2007, and its registration was gazetted in the Singapore Government Gazette Notification No. 2555 dated 22 August 2007. 


PAMC serves to promote the learning and practice of Samatha and Vipassanā meditation, based on the teachings of Lord Gotama Buddha, as taught by the Sayadaw at Pa-Auk.

PAMC's principal activities include the following:

  • providing a conducive venue for the learning and practice of meditation under the guidance of resident teacher(s)
  • organizing  regular meditation retreats, courses and Dhamma talks (based on the Tipiṭaka, the Pāli Texts and the Commentaries),  taught by teachers authorized by the Sayadaw (and/or the Sangha)
  • publishing of Dhanmma books and CDs of Dhamma talks approved by Pa-Auk.

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