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    Supporting the propagation of Dhamma and accruing great merits.

    Pa-Auk Meditation Centre (Singapore) promotes the learning and practice of Samatha and Vipassanā meditation, based on the teachings of the Buddha as taught by The Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw. We endeavour to provide a conducive environment and the necessary support for the learning and practice of meditation under the guidance of qualified meditation teachers. Our primary activities include the following:

    • Dhamma talks, Dhamma courses, meditation classes and meditation retreats;
    • Propagating the teachings of the Buddha in Singapore and in the region, through the publishing and distribution of Dhamma books and materials.

    May all the merits thus accumulated be the supporting condition for the realization of all your noble aspirations!


    With Mettā

    *Note: This fundraising drive is organized by the Lay Committee of Pa-Auk Meditation Centre (Singapore) (PAMC) and the donation will be collected by PAMC’s Lay Committee for the purpose of supporting the Centre in the propagation of the Dhamma.

    By Monthly GIRO

    GIRO Form

    To make a monthly donation to PAMC's General Fund by GIRO:-


    1. Please download and complete the GIRO form,

    2. then submit or post the completed original form to the Centre at 15 Teo Kim Eng Road Singapore 416385.


    The monthly GIRO donation will be deducted from your bank account at the beginning of every month after approval from your bank.

    By Cheque or Interbank Transfer

    You can make a one-time donation to PAMC's General Fund:-

    1. By sending a crossed cheque in favour of "Pa-Auk Meditation Centre" (please write "{name of Donor} - General" at the back of the cheque); or
    2. by Internet Banking transfer to our Pa-Auk Meditation Centre's DBS CURRENT account, account number 0149014785. Please type "{name of Donor} - General" in the note for the recipient. Please also inform the Centre with the "date of transfer" by using the form below or by sending an email to [email protected].
    Please state your mobile number or email address below so that we could send a copy of the receipt to you.

    By PayNow

    You can make a one-time donation to PAMC's General Fund via PayNow:-

    You may use the QR code or type in UEN: "T07SS0155FPAA" for donation via PayNow.


    If you want a receipt to be issued to you:-

    1. Please type your name as a reference number on the PayNow transaction,

    2. and send your mobile number or email address to us by submitting the form below.